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October 21, 2012

Jimmy Savile ~ Childcatcher by Royal Appointment

by Ordo ab Chao

What is so noticeable about the Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is how thinly he is disguised. It doesn’t matter how many bright colours he wears or delicious-looking sweets he surrounds himself with, to the adult trained eye, the veneer fails to hide the evil man underneath.

To those who are awake ~ those who can see our controllers for who they really are ~ the same could be said of Jimmy Savile, whose brightly coloured DJ garb, ultra-bleached hair and funny gimmicks failed to completely conceal his sour, steel-eyed, hook-nosed evil intent.

Jimmy Savile died about a year ago, and was dubbed ‘a national treasure’. But in the last couple of weeks, hundreds of people have been coming forward saying that they were sexually abused by him, and there are now several inquiries going on into these claims, one a criminal one. However, shocking though these paedophilia allegations have been, that shock will seem as nothing compared to when his real role is finally revealed, that of child procurer to the rich and famous …. up to and including some connected to the royal family.

Greg Dyke, being interviewed on Andrew Marr today, has said that the BBC made mistakes in their initial response to the allegations. But I don’t believe that the BBC made any mistakes. I believe it was a deliberate attempt at a cover-up ~ otherwise, why not just say why the Newsnight programme about Savile was dropped? Instead, there is now an inquiry into it….Surely someone can just give the reason without need for a whole inquiry to try to get blood out of the proverbial stone? Perhaps they’re playing for time.

The only reason that Savile could operate with inpunity for so long, especially given the huge number of victims that are coming forward, is because he was protected by others in high places with the same appalling sex addiction. There had been several inquiries during Savile’s life, some police ones, but they were all dropped at the embyronic stages. Obviously, the inquirers were leant on from a high place. Nobody wanted Savile in court, naming names… which I’m sure he would not have had hesitated to do, if charged.

We have to face the facts now that paedophilia is not just the preserve of the odd, pathetic nutter … it exists high up in the legislature of this land, and goes even further. The Scottish judges have been very active at covering up paedophilia in their domain. Those of our children that are in care are seen as fair game by these psychopathic predators. It is a disgusting and stinking stain on the whole of our society.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle, who infiltrated the Royal Family before introducing his nephew to the then Princess Elizabeth, was a paedophile. Members of the House of Orange feature in Dutch police reports containing witness testimony from child sex abuse victims. Former prime minister Ted Heath was a paedophile who didn’t even bother to deny it when challenged by a journalist because they had the evidence, although the editor wouldn’t publish it. The BBC will also have paedophiles in high places… or at least those whose appointment depends on their protecting such people.

It’s time to bring this whole stinking edifice tumbling down.

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