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Bringing the healing of stars down to the Earth

I’ve always planted by the phases of the moon – in other words, sowing seeds for flowers and herbs when the moon is waxing, and seeds for root vegetables when the moon is on the wane. There’s nothing New Age about that planting method … any gardener worth his salt knows that this is mighty effective if you want a good crop, and I think even scientists know it. But I learned something new and magical last night, from a friend.

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The Celtic Shamans of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

When I first tried to read Katharine Maltwood’s A Guide to Glastonbury ‘s Temple of Stars, I ended up with a terrible headache. Even though I’d studied mythology and archaeology for decades, this 1920s identifier of the Somerset circular landscape temple seemed so ‘other’ to me, and her ideas far too dense, like an overpoweringly and sickeningly rich scented pot pourri from another time. However, now – several years later – I’m picking up her books again and reading them with ease and joy. It’s almost as if she’s talking to me personally at times – as if she’d written for an age when we would have more knowledge about our ancestors and thus be more able to pick up her quiet nudges and gentle allusions which are threaded throughout her writing like delicate and refined gold knotwork.

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The Lord of the Animals and the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

In this short blog, I describe how I think the concept of sovereignty was hijacked from its original spiritual meaning via a common mythological theme which crops up all over the world – known as the Lord of the Animals.

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The Whore of Avalon on the Faery Ring of the Isle of Glass

The story in the stars over the Isle of Glass during the time of Beltane, or May Day, is of a duel over the hand of a beautiful maiden, between the Summer King in the form of the constellation of Scorpius and the Winter King in the form of Orion.

However, it’s the fair maiden over whom they are both duelling that I want to discuss here because she has earned a terrible reputation over time. It’s not her fault that men fight over her favours, because she is the archetypal female fertility deity who is represented on the landscape zodiac at Virgo.

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Recent Articles


Were there shamans in Britain before the Romans?

We’ve been having a somewhat scholarly discussion at the Lazy Gecko cafe about whether the effigies on the landscape zodiac do actually pre-date Christianity, and also whether the Celtic stories, which I think they depict, can be verified to be rooted in an older mythological oral tradition. It’s really got me thinking… Read more »


The Faery Ring of the Isle of Glass

Our meeting on the banks of the River Parrett at Burrowbridge this Saturday will signal the beginning of a Quest in which we’ll be working shamanically with the huge earthwork faery giants on the Ynys Witrin (Isle of Glass) landscape – known as the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars. (If you’d like to know more about that, click here).

This is a new  graphic to show where each of the faery and animals characters is positioned in the Faery Ring.  The outlines are not exactly those of the effigies, but they are in the right place, so you can see how it all fits together. The graphic after that shows the actual effigies with their correct shapes as they appear on the land, and then there’s also a key.  Read more »


The Quest welcomes all Questors – at the Feeding of the Dog ceremony in Somerset this Saturday

If you’re coming to the Feeding of the Dog shamanic ceremony at Burrowbridge, Somerset, at 11.30 am on this Saturday, 4th April – and I hope you are! – I thought you might like a few more details about exactly where it is, its purpose and a little more about what to expect, and why. Read more »


The end of the Strong God and the sacrificial lamb

I find myself increasingly living in a world in which it’s difficult to reply to questions, because the common currency of communication is made up of ‘coins’ in which I no longer trade.

For instance, I was asked the other day, at a meeting of Greens, whether, given ‘the problem of global warming’, we should continue to rely on fossil fuels.  Read more »


Blood and DNA: Interview on Preserving the Ancestral Spirits and the Wisdom of our Races

This interview with me by Henrik Palmgren was broadcast by Red Ice Radio last week and it’s about the importance of preserving race in order to access the wisdom teachings from the ancestral spirits, which is the focus of our discussion. Read more »

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The War on DNA

On the subject of human rights – it really puts things into perspective when you try to use historical precedent to make a logical case for the human being’s right to live on this planet. And not just humans – because all plant and animal life that exists on Earth was just not here billions of years ago. Read more »

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Working with the Green Fire of the Fae

I’d like us to start working with the Green Fire as soon as we each feel ready to. We don’t have to wait until our shamanic ceremony on Saturday 4th April to start connecting with the spirits of the Land and the ancestors, and so I’d like to share some guidance here about how to start going forwards now, if you’d like to. Read more »

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The significance of the Blood Moon and the Green Fire of the Fae

Our Feeding the Dog shamanic ceremony this year will take place on the Blood Moon, Saturday April 4th. You may have been wondering what a Blood Moon is and about its significance with shamanic work? So here’s an article all about it. Read more »


The Journey of a Lifetime: Rites of Passage and the Ancestral Wisdom

It seems to me that the situation we’re in regarding the threat to the survival of our race has all the hallmarks of an initiatory test as part of a rite of passage. Read more »


The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – one year on, how the worm was forced to turn

It was so heartening to see how the locals and even others, up and down country, pulled together in unison to help us overcome everything the Death Eaters threw at us, a year ago. There being no loyalty among thieves and dissemblers, it is the one thing they wouldn’t have bargained for.

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The Faery wisdom about race, Lucifer and the rivers of blood

I am a racist.

I carry the memories and stories of my ancestors in the blood of my race, in my DNA; these are unique to the Celts and they form the basis of my spiritual consciousness and my cosmological understanding. Read more »


An invitation to ‘feed the dog’ at Burrow Mump – in honour of the spirits of the land

I’d like to invite you to a shamanic ceremony on Saturday 4th April, which follows on from our previous one, on the Winter Solstice. This ceremony of ‘feeding the dog’ is as traditional to the people of Somerset as wassailing, and probably just as old.

I explain the mythos that the ceremony is based on in my last blog,  A Faery Tale for Imbolc, which is an allegory for the quarter of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars that we’re currently in, the journey around the moat of the Faery Child (or Hare) in the Faery Boat until he reaches the Havens on the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. Read more »


A Faery Tale for Imbolc

Luna Hare was cold. His cream-coloured fur glistened with frost under the crystal white Snow Moon, and his long, silky ears pricked as he heard echoing to him, across the pitch black night, the chilling howl of Wolf. He was stone cold petrified.

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Documentary evidence that there’s a war on against humanity

Below is some required reading for those that believe the war against humanity is just a conspiracy theory.

Please read on to see how these extracts from official documents, from such overarching and influential world bodies as the United Nations, the International Panel for Climate Change, Oxford University, Greenpeace and the Club of Rome, show how they planned to lie about climate change. If ever there was a conspiracy, it’s not in the ‘paranoid fears of the tin hat brigade’ but right here, spelled out in their documents, in black and white. Read more »

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The Pyramid of Power: the conspiracy against humanity

If you’re still struggling to get a handle on the vastness of the conspiracy against humanity, both in terms of time and space, and wondering how this network has managed to hold together so well, this pyramid may help to explain how it works. Read more »

The reading of the Glastonbury Declaration

Winter Solstice Shamanic Ceremony, 2014

Regular readers might like to see these photos and video of our Winter Solstice ceremony to celebrate the Birth of the Radiant Child on 21st December 2014, especially as I published several posts about it in the run up, like this one: The Mysteries of Britain, the Matter of Sovereignty and the Glastonbury Declaration. Read more »

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The Glastonbury Declaration

This is the final version of The Glastonbury Declaration, which I was guided to write from my work with the spirits of the Land, and which we read out at the Winter Solstice of 2014. (For background reading to clarify some of the references in the declaration – mythological, geomantic and cosmological – please read The Mysteries of Britain, the Matter of Sovereignty and the Glastonbury Declaration.) Read more »


The Mysteries of Britain, the Matter of Sovereignty and The Glastonbury Declaration

The term claiming one’s Sovereignty has become quite fashionable in recent years, since it was taken up by the Freeman on the Land people. In the mouths of such political activists, it has become a sort of buzz term, a comfort blanket or flag for them all to nestle under in the hope that this magic word will make the bogeyman go away. But whether or not it will stop the worst excesses of the New World Order is yet to be shown. I’m doubtful, because I believe that the concept of Sovereignty has been misunderstood. Read more »