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The Naked Shaman – Episode 5 – The Awakening of the Dark Queens on the Astral Planes

She’s been demonised for more than a thousand years, but the Dark Feminine is awakening now from her slumber to realise that she’s in captivity on the astral planes … and she’s about to break free from her chains. In this episode, I explain more about this esoteric phenomenon and how it affects each one of us in our shamanic practice.

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 4 – Casino Right Royal Rip Off

I’m calling this series of broadcasts The Naked Shaman because I always get my best inspiration in the shower. For that reason, I’m often found sitting at my computer while still dripping wet, wrapped in just a bath towel and furiously banging out my latest ideas before they vanish, like Scotch Mist, from my consciousness. Yesterday, as I showered on the dawn of what was fast becoming the latest Black Monday, the following few lines came to me …

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 3 – The Jewish Problem

Tonight on The Naked Shaman, I talk about the Jewish problem: This is a problem for all of us, not just the Jewish peoples who have been used and abused as scapegoats for thousands of years and, more latterly, by a murderous power and land grabbing global terrorist cabal.

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The Naked Shaman interviewed on The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

I really enjoyed this interview with the lovely Marie McLoughlin last year all about my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. Lots of people really liked it (59,752 have watched it so far, to be precise! Whodda thunk it?) so I thought I’d give in another airing by putting it on my blog. I make no apology for our giggles! Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 2 – The Theatre of the Absurd on the World Stage

I was inspired by current events in putting together this week’s broadcast of The Naked Shaman. I thought it was very kind of life to lay on a couple of shows from the Theatre of the Absurd on the world stage that made perfect metaphors for my shamanic teaching on how to break psychological inertia and cognitive dissonance – deliberately caused or otherwise. Read more »


The Magical Impotence of the Satanic or Black Mass

Last week’s broadcast of The Naked Shaman was about the (vast) difference between shamanism and Satanism. I felt moved to make that distinction clear, knowing that a mainstream audience was about to hit on internet research which alleges that Jimmy Savile, and possibly Edward Heath, were involved in Black or Satanic Masses where children were sexually abused, ritually tortured, and sometimes killed. Read more »


The Naked Shaman – Episode 1

I’ve begun a series of You Tube broadcasts called The Naked Shaman, and you’re very welcome to tune into them.

In this first episode,  I go into the recent revelations about Satanism in high places – particularly with regard to former prime minister Edward Heath, and how he appears to have been coerced, bribed and blackmailed in 1972 to ride rough-shod over the views of his electorate to force the UK, illegally, into membership of the European Union. I then go on to give you my take, as a shaman, on Satan and Lucifer and what the Satanists and Luciferians are really up to. Read more »

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Amnesty is calling for a pimps’ charter – which is the thin end of the wedge of a paedophiles’ charter

Amnesty is now campaigning for men’s rights to access the bodies of those more vulnerable than themselves – in other words, women and children who are unable to resist because of economic circumstances. They’re deliberately mixing up the human rights of victims with the human rights of the buyers – it’s not only a pimps’ charter – a charter for sexual slavery at a time when human trafficking is at the highest levels that it’s ever been in recorded history  –  but it’s also the thin end of the wedge for a paedophile’s charter. Read more »


A history of Western religion in ice cream

One upon a time, many aeons ago, a long way back and hidden by the mists of ages, there was a small settlement on that coastal part of the Mediterranean that we now call Africa, and in that settlement lived some gentle and wise cattle farmers who spent their days happily tending their cows.

One of the cattle farmers, however, had a more, shall we say, entrepreneurial spirit, and so he eventually came to the realisation that he wanted to develop his company, which meant diversifying out of the market for his milk, which was just a handful of his fellow villagers. So after long experimentation with milk, honey and vanilla pods, he managed to invent the most delicious ice cream. As you can imagine, his vanilla ice cream was extremely popular in such a hot, dry, arid settlement, and he made lots of money. Read more »


A message to the light beings

I keep seeing these internet messages from light beings or ETs about how we should think and act … but disturbingly, this message doesn’t seem to vary from the one we’ve been given for thousands of years by the major world religions. You know the ones, the ‘love one another’, ‘turn the other cheek’ meme, etc etc… Read more »


How the shaman uses alchemy to heal pain

I explain in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar about how alchemical transformation is used to achieve the Divine Marriage. But as everyone knows who hasn’t been totally brainwashed by modern day Rom Coms, the apple blossom and confetti wedding between the bride and groom is just the beginning of an alchemical process of self development, and not an end in itself. Read more »


Debt addiction – the weapon of choice in the Opium Wars of the 21st century

As we all know, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will bring an influx of GM foods into our British supermarkets, and that’s not going to be the least of our problems. The TTIP treaty is being voted on today in Brussels, but if the American experience is anything to go by, our MEPs’ votes on TTIP will have already been bought off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Euros. Last night, Jill Seymour MEP tweeted: “The president again just re-iterated that he will not allow questions in the parliament on TTIP! Disgraceful!” Read more »

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On War and Peace

I’m reminded so often in these difficult days of crazy-makers running amuck on the world stage of the battle at the heart of the Bhagavad Gita. If you haven’t read it, I seriously recommend it …because this Indian Vedic classic still retains the understanding of the importance of breaking through the duality of war and peace which has been lost in Jesus’s turning-of-the-other-cheek type. This is what our enemy does – mixes up the spiritual and the material, the metaphorical with the literal, and it fools the non-initiates every time. Read more »


Calling for the Restoration of the Dharma in the Garden of Good and Evil

Last night, I came back from our new Green Druid Mayor’s inaugural party quite late and went into the garden to find dozens of slugs and snails had been having quite a party of their own. Four young and tender purple sprouting broccolis had been massacred, and the rest were hanging on by a thread. All this despite my efforts of appeasement in recent weeks, by using copper wire to deliver a mild electric shock, and broken up egg shells. I quickly realised that it was time to act more decisively if my food for the winter was going to survive, and so I scooped all the little critters up into a plastic bag, sealed it tight and threw it in the dustbin.
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The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar is out now, and you can get it here…

The book you’ve been waiting for has now been published!

This is the first book of its kind, because it breaks new ground in opening up the portals between the worlds in a way that’s been kept secret for thousands of years. Read more »


Re-weaving and re-spinning your pain

In reality, the human body is just a song that’s dancing. The trouble only comes when the singing stops. Read more »

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Bringing the healing of stars down to the Earth

I’ve always planted by the phases of the moon – in other words, sowing seeds for flowers and herbs when the moon is waxing, and seeds for root vegetables when the moon is on the wane. There’s nothing New Age about that planting method … any gardener worth his salt knows that this is mighty effective if you want a good crop, and I think even scientists know it. But I learned something new and magical last night, from a friend. Read more »


The Celtic Shamans of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

When I first tried to read Katharine Maltwood’s A Guide to Glastonbury ‘s Temple of Stars, I ended up with a terrible headache. Even though I’d studied mythology and archaeology for decades, this 1920s identifier of the Somerset circular landscape temple seemed so ‘other’ to me, and her ideas far too dense, like an overpoweringly and sickeningly rich scented pot pourri from another time. However, now – several years later – I’m picking up her books again and reading them with ease and joy. It’s almost as if she’s talking to me personally at times – as if she’d written for an age when we would have more knowledge about our ancestors and thus be more able to pick up her quiet nudges and gentle allusions which are threaded throughout her writing like delicate and refined gold knotwork. Read more »

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The Lord of the Animals and the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

In this short blog, I describe how I think the concept of sovereignty was hijacked from its original spiritual meaning via a common mythological theme which crops up all over the world – known as the Lord of the Animals. Read more »


The Whore of Avalon on the Faery Ring of the Isle of Glass

The story in the stars over the Isle of Glass during the time of Beltane, or May Day, is of a duel over the hand of a beautiful maiden, between the Summer King in the form of the constellation of Scorpius and the Winter King in the form of Orion. Read more »


Were there shamans in Britain before the Romans?

We’ve been having a somewhat scholarly discussion at the Lazy Gecko cafe about whether the effigies on the landscape zodiac do actually pre-date Christianity, and also whether the Celtic stories, which I think they depict, can be verified to be rooted in an older mythological oral tradition. It’s really got me thinking… Read more »