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Paris Attacks – But Who’s Attacking Who?

You might be wondering why, when we are all under such close surveillance, that “terrorists” are still able to attack us. When all our emails are being read, our browsing history examined, our phone calls listened to, and even our movements on the streets picked up by cctv, how did the events of Friday 13th November in Paris ever happen? There is a clue in the date… but first of all, I should explain how we’ve been viewing the issue of surveillance from the wrong end of the telescope.

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The Occult Meaning of St Martin’s Day and the Seven Sacred Isles of Avalon

Today is St Martin’s Day or Martin Mass. It would have been 1st November, before the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian one in 1582. Yes, that’s right, for those who’ve been paying attention ;-)  … it would have been on Samhain, the day of the bone-fires.

Today is also Armistice Day – to commemorate the signing of the armistice agreement to mark the end of World War 1. What a coincidence… er, or maybe not.

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The Deliberate Trashing of the Sacred Marriage by the New World Order

Our ancestors built their linked network of megalithic sites around 5,000 years ago for the purpose of communicating with the spirits of the Earth and for renewing Sovereignty and fertility via the sacred marriage.

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 14 – The Journey to the Inner Sun

I heard recently from a credible source that NASA has an ongoing multi-trillion dollar program of building advanced spaceships which will be capable of transporting humanity to another planet once they’ve rendered this one no longer fit to live on.

That’s probably partly why scientists’ microscopes and telescopes, and even the Hadron Collider, are positioned to explore upwards and outwards. They think the gods are in the outer space and the stars above … when all along, they really need to be looking downwards and inwards, because the wise spirits who guide man’s spiritual evolution are found in inner space. Read more »


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The Naked Shaman – Episode 13 – The Sanctuary of Avalon

The Sanctuary of Avalon, which set up in the early 1960s by Ronald Heaver and Polly Wood was, I believe, the setting for the magical stimulus and catalyst, within what I call the inner plane Realms of Potentiality, for the Winds of Change taking place today on the world stage. As Heaver himself said …

“It is because all things are being shaken that those things which cannot be shaken may remain, a process now actually taking place – it is because of this that statesmen and politicians find themselves up against stalemate. They are being pushed around by an invisible force that they don’t understand. Men no longer control events. On the contrary the impact of events is controlling them through the reaction they are forced to make in respect to the pressure of over-ruling outward circumstances, evolving all the time.” Read more »


The Naked Shaman – Episode 12 – Human Sacrifice: not a part of shamanism, nor ever was …

I had some feedback following my Magical Meaning of Halloween broadcast last week over concerns that shamanism encouraged human sacrifice, and that this was only ended by the coming of Christianity. This is a delusion. So in this week’s episode of The Naked Shaman, I set the record straight. Read more »


The Naked Shaman – Episode 11 – The Magical Meaning of Halloween

The time of Halloween at the end of October is closely followed by Remembrance Sunday in which the dead of the bankers’ wars are commemorated. In this way, the powers-that-be have robbed us of a very important stage along the Wheel of the Year. They have grafted one of their festivals on to our own, which has great significance for our own ancestral Rivers of Blood and not just those symbolised by the red poppy. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 10 – The Origins of Satan

The topic of the origins of Satan is one that can no longer remain confined to the PhD papers and dusty libraries of academic debate. If World War 3 is to be avoided, it’s essential that the ordinary man in the street has a working knowledge of how he’s been hoodwinked over more than a thousand years of mind programming by the priests of the various branches of the Abrahamic creed.

He needs to understand that what was originally a fictional character in an ancient metaphorical, astrological myth has been contorted and twisted out of all recognition to support a false narrative about a bogey man that has been used to start endless wars and conflicts. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 9 – Healing Interference From Astral Entities

In this latest episode of The Naked Shaman, I talk about the great need for shamanic soul retrieval in these times for those who’ve suffered child sex abuse… but not just those. There is also a similar kind of abuse which many of us have experienced from entities on the astral planes. It leaves a kind of energetic imprinting that is like flashing beacons on our auric fields, throughout our lives, that act as attractors to other abusive entities. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – In the Alchemist’s Garden

In my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, you can hear about how and why Sovereignty is a transmission of spiritual power that comes from the land.

In this episode of The Naked Shaman, I talk about how this transmission of Sovereignty comes to us from our relationship with the land which we can tune into through the resonance or song of the Earth – otherwise known as Schumann Resonance.

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 8 – The Descent of the Shekhinah on the Blood Moon

I talk in tonight’s episode about the spiritual experiences that become much more easily available to us at a time when the liminal walls or imaginery membranes between the dimensions are thinner – and about how we are coming into a time like that now. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 7 – Revelations, the Whore of Babylon and the Beast

For those who didn’t learn their lesson after the Millennium Bug failed to ignite a worldwide cyber epidemic on the eve of the Year 2000, or when the winter solstice of 2012 didn’t bring the much-promised End of Days, it seems that another attempt at the Rapture or Apocalypse has not only been prepared for dimmer minds but is due today, September 15th, with the Second Coming, the Four Horsemen and all! Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 6 – Come You Masters of War …

As the powers-that-shouldn’t-be get their war engines in place for their much awaited and anticipated World War 3, I show the hidden drivers that have got us to such a place and what we have to do if we want to stop it. Read more »


The Naked Shaman – Episode 5 – The Awakening of the Dark Queens on the Astral Planes

She’s been demonised for more than a thousand years, but the Dark Feminine is awakening now from her slumber to realise that she’s in captivity on the astral planes … and she’s about to break free from her chains. In this episode, I explain more about this esoteric phenomenon and how it affects each one of us in our shamanic practice. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 4 – Casino Right Royal Rip Off

I’m calling this series of broadcasts The Naked Shaman because I always get my best inspiration in the shower. For that reason, I’m often found sitting at my computer while still dripping wet, wrapped in just a bath towel and furiously banging out my latest ideas before they vanish, like Scotch Mist, from my consciousness. Yesterday, as I showered on the dawn of what was fast becoming the latest Black Monday, the following few lines came to me … Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 3 – The Jewish Problem

Tonight on The Naked Shaman, I talk about the Jewish problem: This is a problem for all of us, not just the Jewish peoples who have been used and abused as scapegoats for thousands of years and, more latterly, by a murderous power and land grabbing global terrorist cabal. Read more »

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The Naked Shaman interviewed on The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

I really enjoyed this interview with the lovely Marie McLoughlin last year all about my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. Lots of people really liked it (59,752 have watched it so far, to be precise! Whodda thunk it?) so I thought I’d give in another airing by putting it on my blog. I make no apology for our giggles! Read more »

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The Naked Shaman – Episode 2 – The Theatre of the Absurd on the World Stage

I was inspired by current events in putting together this week’s broadcast of The Naked Shaman. I thought it was very kind of life to lay on a couple of shows from the Theatre of the Absurd on the world stage that made perfect metaphors for my shamanic teaching on how to break psychological inertia and cognitive dissonance – deliberately caused or otherwise. Read more »


The Magical Impotence of the Satanic or Black Mass

Last week’s broadcast of The Naked Shaman was about the (vast) difference between shamanism and Satanism. I felt moved to make that distinction clear, knowing that a mainstream audience was about to hit on internet research which alleges that Jimmy Savile, and possibly Edward Heath, were involved in Black or Satanic Masses where children were sexually abused, ritually tortured, and sometimes killed. Read more »


The Naked Shaman – Episode 1

I’ve begun a series of You Tube broadcasts called The Naked Shaman, and you’re very welcome to tune into them.

In this first episode,  I go into the recent revelations about Satanism in high places – particularly with regard to former prime minister Edward Heath, and how he appears to have been coerced, bribed and blackmailed in 1972 to ride rough-shod over the views of his electorate to force the UK, illegally, into membership of the European Union. I then go on to give you my take, as a shaman, on Satan and Lucifer and what the Satanists and Luciferians are really up to. Read more »