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December 23, 2012

In Defence of Babylon: The Palladian Rite of Freemasons

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir
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Anyone who follows these things saw the defeat of the best laid plan of the Illuminati turn to dust on 21 December 2012. When their ‘fear porn’ featuring various pick ‘n mix mass extinction scenarios (depending upon your religion) were shown for the sham they were, mainstream media mouthpieces tried to fob us off that the whole thing had just been a load of nonsense put about by New Age conspiracy theorists.

Far from it. In fact, it was only the “New Age conspiracy theorists” who were broadcasting the real picture all along… who had the independent research and cognitive wherewithal to understand the real meaning of the Mayan calendar, and to keep everyone informed so they didn’t play into the Illuminati’s hands by panicking in the streets.

If the media was in any way interested in broadcasting the truth, the news would have been that the global elite were viewing the non-events of last Friday as a huge and bitter disappointment, because it was to have been the culmination of a plan which would have brought about World War 3. And as this was to be the platform for the inauguration of their new Messiah, Lucifer, I’d say what they had on their hands is a failure to launch.

I’m writing about this here because in this war ~ and we are in a war ~ it’s important to celebrate your victories, when you get them. And 21 December 2012, that particular winter solstice, represented a massive victory to some of us.

To explain how we know this, I just need to give a bit of background first, because when we can see the roots of the Illuminati, and who they were created to serve, the whole puzzle starts to fall into place.

Who are the Illuminati?
The original group, the Illuminati of Bavaria, meaning ‘Enlightened Ones’, was founded in the 18th century by Adam Weishaupt, and then quickly forcibly ‘disbanded’. The members went underground and distributed themselves among several Freemasonic groups of the time. Today, the term is used to to describe a confederation of Freemasonic groups that represent the interests of the 13 royal bloodlines of Europe… in other words, they are the real secret services of the royal families and their relatives.

This international alliance of the Illuminati includes the Grand Lodges, the Grand Orient, the ninety seven degrees of Memphis and Mizraim of Cagliostro, also known as the Ancient and Primitive Rite, and the Scottish Rite, or the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

Where do the royal families come from?
The 13 royal family bloodlines stem originally from just four families who came together because their military and commercial interests coincided in the last centuries of the BCEs, and so they went down the usual route of intermarrying. These four families were:

  1. The House of Commagene, which arose in Antioch in 162 BC.
  1. The House of Herod ~ Herod Agrippa, friend of Caligula
  1. The Julio-Claudio Roman dynasty
  1. The priest kings of Baal in Emesa (known today as Hims in Syria)

These four were later joined by the Ashkenazi Jews ~ Khazars from Central Asia that converted to Judaism around the 8th or 9th centuries.

How do these families rule us?

Since the days of the Knights Templars, (the first ‘secret service’ of the royal families) who learned their magical craft from the Ismaili branch of Islam and the Sabians, this now tarantula network of royal bloodlines has always been supported in their aims of world domination by various types of Hermetic and later Freemasonic magicians who create entities on the astral planes that demand the blood of martyrs … of which there’s been no shortage in the last 2,000 years.

They’ve been able to get away with out and out carnage over the millennia through a number of sleight of hand conjuring tricks and one of those is a distraction technique where they shine the light in the opposite direction and blame someone else.  They’re very good at this. They have used various kinds of psy-ops to demonise Babylon as the source of all evil, notably beginning with the “Whore of Babylon” of Revelations, continuing in the 20th century with Jack Parson’s Babalon Working in Pasadena in 1947, and more recently with the very obvious attempt to blame the collapse of the world’s economy on “Babylon’s Banksters”.

In order to pull off this trick, the boys of Psy-ops Central are relying on people’s very blurry understanding of the history of this time, a more or less complete ignorance about the geography of the region even now, let alone then, and a tendency to read mythology as history. Therefore, they have tried to convince us that Nimrod was  the first banker … when Nimrod is a god (not a person) and there is no mention of his even having any money in the Sumerian texts, let alone banks!

As usual, the whole of psy-ops relies on the masses believing what they are told to believe rather than examining the evidence for themselves.

The American rocket scientist Jack Parsons was very much associated with the British Aleister Crowley who was one of the prime magicians used by the Illuminati during the first half of the 20th century to create the programming for the New Age. Out of this came the Babalon Working and the first channelled literature, The Book of the Law, that told us what they wanted us to believe was inevitable about the upcoming of “Aeon of Horus” which would be an age of absolute carnage and blood-letting on a huge, industrial scale.

(For more about how Aleister Crowley and his associates helped to create the “New Age”, read The Entertainment Division of the Military-Industrial Complex.)

The Book of Revelations and the ‘Whore of Babylon’

These four families and their Knights Templar secret services were the same people that invented present-day Christianity (through the Emperor Constantine who was in that bloodline) and who in their masses-facing literature, The Bible, demonised Ishtar as the Whore of Babylon.

It was while in captivity in Babylon during the Assyrian wars that the Jews (who were to become the Ismailis and Sabians that  taught the Templars magic) created the Kaballah as a means to justify their “Fall” from Grace.

The mythology that produced Ishtar is nothing to do with the Jewish Kaballah and ancient Babylon has nothing to do with the problems in the world today.

For the purposes of what I’ve described as the biggest psy-ops of all time, the Christian religion of the Roman Catholic Church, they chose to smear Ishtar with the blood of the martyrs in their Book of Revelations, perhaps to hide their own responsibility for such crimes against humanity.

Their magicians understood about the nature of duality; they created a two-headed Janus of a religion, in which the masses only saw one head …that of the loving Jesus Christ, who turned the other cheek, who fed and healed the masses, but not forgetting to ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’

For the other head, they created an entity on the dark astral planes which was a facsimile of who they imagined Lucifer to be. They originally called him Baphomet but in recent centuries, they have come to call him Lucifer. In fact, they have completely misunderstood the Lucifer of old, who is just another aspect of the goddess of Love, Venus.  They have merely created a scarecrow in what they perceive to be his image, and who to them is the personification of the opposite message of Christianity, and thus is pure evil. This is the ‘false god’ that they sacrifice children to, even today, and feed with the blood of perpetual wars. (I’ve written more about this is achieved in The War on the Astral Planes).

Both Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley had an unhealthy obsession with “The Whore of Babylon”  and tried to turn their female partners into their perverted ideas about Ishtar.  I’m sure that this was the reason that most of the women Crowley ever got involved with ended up in mental homes.

For this reason, this Ishtar has made a resolution for 2013, and she will be fighting back against trees that try to convince her that they bear delicious fruits, but whose apples are rotten and maggoty to the core. That includes Freemasonary, Royal Families, Western governments and their propaganda machines.

Even as we speak, Christians in America are being told that World War 3 is not only inevitable, because it was foretold in the Book of Revelations, but that it is even a good thing, because it will bring about the Second Coming of Christ.

They will still try to make it happen, because they have no other plan and don’t know what else to do.  They will continue to ramp up the rhetoric and arm the so-called indigenous uprising in Syria to destabilise the Middle East which they hope will cause World War 3. A new Pope has just been appointed from the military Jesuit order that will probably try to oversee the appointment of a new ET Messiah, perhaps first discovered in outer space via their Lucifer telescope? (Read more here: The New Jesuit Pope: What can we expect? )

But the energy supporting their campaign has reached its climax and is now on the wane, and their magicians will know it.  They can only fuel the power for this unholy vision from fear porn,  but now that so many are waking up to what’s really going on, that energy supply will no longer be available to them.

The Palladian Rite of Albert Pike

Now that we’ve established a bit of background, and have a better understanding of the Illuminati, who they are, and their relationship to the royal families of the world, I’m going to hand over for the rest of it to the excellent researcher David Livingstone, and this extract from his book Terrorism and the Illuminati. ( )

Here he describes how four senior Freemasons,  the Italian Giuseppe Mazzini, the British Lord Palmerston, the German Otto von Bismark and Albert Pike planned a three stage process of world wars, culminating in World War 3.

Guiseppe Mazzini


Lord Palmerston

Albert Pike

Otto von Bismark

The Palladian Rite

The relationship established between the European occultists and their brethren in Egypt opened the opportunity to devise the great Illuminati plot to take place in the twentieth century: three world wars, the last of which would be against Islam.

The plan was devised by the four leading member of what is known as the Palladian Rite. In 1870, Mazzini, Lord Henry Palmerston of England, Otto von Bismarck of Germany and Albert Pike, all thirty third degree Scottish Rite Masons, completed an agreement to create a supreme universal rite of Masonry, that would arch over all the other rites, even the different national rites. It centralised all high Masonic bodies in the world under one head.

To this end the Palladium Rite was created as the pinnacle of the pyramid of power: an international alliance to bring in the Grand Lodges, the Grand Orient, the ninety seven degrees of Memphis and Mizraim of Cagliostro, also known as the Ancient and Primitive Rite, and the Scottish Rite, or the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

Lord Palmerston, the Grand Patriarch or Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry, as well as knight of the Order of the Garter, was Queen Victoria’s Foreign Secretary. Palmerston was also Prime Minister during theBritain’s Opium Wars against China, in 1840 and 1858, beginning a policy of narcotics exploitation that would later characterize the Illuminati’s strategy in the twentieth century.

Opium was first exploited by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, followed by the Dutch, before attracting the British Lord Palmerston, the Grand Patriarch or Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry, as well as knight of the Order of the Garter, was Queen Victoria’s Foreign Secretary. Palmerston was also Prime Minister during  Britain’s Opium Wars against China, in 1840 and 1858, beginning a policy of narcotics exploitation that would later characterize the Illuminati’s strategy in the twentieth century.

Starting in 1773, the British East India Company established a monopoly on the production of Indian opium, transporting it to China, and bartering it for silk, tea and porcelain.

The drug trade soared, and by 1830, opium was the largest commodity in world trade. In China, local criminal gangs, known as Triads, were selected by the British trading companies to distribute their opium.

When the Chinese rulers acted to stop the supply of opium, the British used their military and naval might to defeat them. The peace treaty that then followed gave the British a guaranteed right to increase the flow of opium, to be paid as compensation for the opium the Chinese rulers had confiscated, and to exercise sovereignty over strategic ports and offshore islands. This is how Hong Kong came under British rule. Hong Kong has since been used as a center for Far East drug trafficking, run by the Triads crime syndicate, who continue to operate within the Illuminati today. Britain’s official policy was outlined by Lord Palmerston:

“…we must unremittingly endeavor to find, in other parts of the world, new vents for our industry [opium]… If we succeed in our China expedition [the Opium War], Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Arabia, the countries of the Indus, and the new markets of China will at no distant period give us a most important extention to the range of our foreign commerce.”

Following the failure of the revolution of 1848 in Germany, Otto von Bismarck was elected to the Prussian parliament in 1849. Thirty-third degree Mason, Otto von Bismark, was one of the most prominent leaders of the nineteenth century. Appointed to represent Prussia in Frankfurt, Bismarck slowly became convinced that a Prussian-led unified German nation was an important goal. As Prime Minister of Prussia, through a series of successful wars, he unified the numerous states of the German confederation, created by the Congress of Vienna, into a nation-state, except Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Liechtenstein.

In 1871, Wilhelm I of Prussia was proclaimed German emperor, and the Second German Reich, to succeed the First Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, was born. Bismarck became the first Chancellor of the German Empire.

Albert Pike was born in 1809, in Boston, studied at Harvard, then later served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War, he was found guilty of treason and jailed. He was pardoned by fellow Freemason President Andrew Johnson in 1866, with whom he met at the White House the very next day. The only monument to a Confederate general in Washington, D.C. was erected in Pike’s honor. Pike was one of the founding fathers, and head of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, being the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859-1891. In 1869, he was a top leader in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and in 1871 wrote the Masonic handbook, theMorals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry.

In addition to a Supreme Council located in Charleston, South Carolina, Pike established Supreme Councils in Rome, Italy, led by Mazzini; London, England, led by Palmerston; and Berlin, Germany, led by Bismarck.

He set up 23 subordinate councils in strategic places throughout the world, including five Grand Central Directories in Washington, DC (North America), Montevideo (South America), Naples (Europe), Calcutta (Asia), and Mauritius (Africa), which were used to gather information. These branches have been the secret headquarters for the Illuminati’s activities ever since.

In a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871, Pike graphically outlined plans for three world wars, that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order.

For a short time, this letter was on display in the British Museum Library in London, and was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, and author of Pawnsin the Game. Carr summarizes:

The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of Atheistic-Communism. The differences stirred up by the Agentur of the Illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be sued to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

World War Two was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This was to be fought so that Nazism would be destroyed and the power of Political Zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During world war two, International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check
until required for the final social cataclysm…

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agenturof the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the Leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam and Political Zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselveswhile at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically.

Pike then told Mazzini that, after World War Three would have
ended, a global social cataclysm will be provoked that will be greater than the world has ever known:

We shall unleash the Nihilists [meaning terrorists] and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

I leave it up to you to make your own connections about how and where this plan is manifesting on Earth right now, and which propaganda networks are supporting the carnage to produce the blood of the martyrs.

If you would like to discuss any of these points with the author and others, you’re welcome to join us on Ishtar’s Gate where a thread has been opened to discuss it. Just click on the Gate and come in.

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