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November 25, 2012

2012, the Mayan Calendar, the Holy Grael and the Glastonbury Zodiac

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir
mayan ceremony1

The huge 2012 industry is coming to a head right now with countless books and films about the meaning of 21 December 2012 ~ the end of an important astronomical cycle to the Mayans. But all this media is being produced by non-Mayans (usually Americans and Brits) while few are actually listening to the Mayans themselves or understanding their culture, of which the Mayan calendar is a key part… but only a part. In order to understand the Mayan calendar, we have to understand how the Mayans think, and few are even asking them.

Meanwhile, they are being thrown out of their sacred ground at Chichen Itza to make way for an Elton John concert and are told not to play their traditional ritual instruments there, the tunkul, because ‘it damages the pyramids’.

Right now, they are being deliberately disconnected from their Land and the Earth by corporate interests. This is for two reasons.

The first one is the usual obvious one: huge global mining corporations want to commercially exploit the mineral resources, and so they are trying to remove the Mayans from that Land, backed up by that countries’ armies. But there is another reason, and it is one that our leaders, with their knowledge of the occult, know all so well. The Mayan derive their strength and power from their relationship with the ancestral Land, from their Mother the Earth named Ixnuk, and by the severing that connection, they will lose all their power.

This is really crazy and psychopathic behaviour on behalf of the 1 per cent, because they are cutting off the same branch they are sitting on. It is only the indigenous peoples’ ceremonies that connect the ‘cosmovision’ and maintain the natural cycles of the Earth. What is causing the extreme weather and Earth movements right now is not so much pollution (although that’s not helping) or man-made global warming, which is a scam. What’s causing this turmoil is the fact that corporations are raping the Earth with no ceremony and no thanks. They have no relationship with the Land and so therefore, they’re not listening to Her and She also can’ t hear them.

If there is no relationship between man and the Land, which also connects him to the rest of the cosmos, he has no more purpose on this Earth and so the next time She sneezes, She will throw him off. The purpose of human life is to be in community with one another, with the Land and with the cosmos. And this is achieved through shamanic journeying and ceremony.

Our ancestors always lived this way, for thousands of years, and understood that honouring the Earth was part of the ‘giving back’ and also served to help maintain man’s connection to the Earth for generations to come.

There is no need for rape and exploitation: despite what we’re told about the need for GM crops to feed an increasing world population, that is a lie. If everyone just farmed their own piece of Land in harmony with Her cycles, there would be more than enough for everyone. It only becomes a problem when one man wants to own everything and then charge everyone else for it. This is psychopathic greed on a global scale and it is time now for it to end.

I found a wonderful quote today from Peter Kingsley in his latest book, A Story Waiting to Pierce You.

“The simple truth is that every single civilization, including this western world, was brought into being from a sacred place to serve a sacred purpose. Cultures are created and destroyed in ecstasy—and for every moment in between there is nothing that keeps a world alive aside from the breath of ecstatics.”

This is what the Mayans are trying to tell us in the video (below) about their life and how their calendar is integral to that lifestyle.

We in the modern world think of a calendar as just a table of numbers that we hang on the wall to count off the days to our next holiday. But to the Mayans, the calendar is a direct outpouring of star wisdom gained from the ecstatic or shamanic work of ‘talking to Time’ and ‘listening to Time’.

This is the real meaning and purpose of their Long Count calendar (and all their calendars) and this meaning was at the origin of our calendars too, which were often inscribed as Round Tables of the Fixed Stars, in other words zodiacs in the landscape, actually built into the Land, as a result of the information gained by the shamans who journeyed to the spirits of their ancestral Lands to gain guidance.

This calendar is in fact the Holy Grail of the Celts, otherwise known as the Cauldron of Plenty, which is really ironic, because while Masonic interests are rushing around killing each other over what they imagine to be the Holy Grail or the cornerstone or Jacob’s Pillow, the Mayans have it all along, as do other shamans that work with the Land and who work with and listen to Time.

It isn’t a material object. It’s a relationship with the Land which is conducted shamanically and that provides, in that manner, a cornucopia of abundance.

The landscape zodiacs, like the one here in Avalon, were used for that purpose. Terra-forming involving huge earthworks and re-routing of rivers created the images on the land of the fixed stars, the ‘stars that never set’. Katherine Maltwood, the discover of the Glastonbury Zodiac, believed that must be around 4,000 years old, and the Celts were the Cymry who came from Sumer to build the zodiac in what became Sumer-set or Somerset.

The 19th century Egyptologist, Gaston Camille Charles Maspero, in speaking of Chaldean formulas and figures for land-surveying work, says:

“Actual knowledge was woven in an extraordinary manner with mystic considerations, in which the virtues of numbers, their connections with the gods, and the application of geometrical diagrams to the prediction of the future, played an important part.”

Even though Maspero was an Egyptologist, he attributed the origins of this knowledge to the Sumerians and Babylonians.

These zodiacs were originally created at a time before agriculture, and by those that practised sidereal astrology, which is based on the movements of the stars. So the centre of thse old zodiacs was not the Sun, but the pole stars, like Thuban which was part of Draco the serpent, and Hercules with his 12 labours, who is equated by the Celts with Arthur and his Round Table of 12 Knights, the zodiac.

It is grimly ironic that  today’s so-called Guardians of the Mysteries, the Masons, are destroying the whole world, tearing it up and leaving no stone unturned in order find the Holy Grael, while all the while, it is literally under their noses.

Arthur E Waite wrote this in his Holy Grail (pp 485-86) about the philosophy of the Masons. He reflects that after a long life’s inquiry, it is …

“… as if something were guiding and consoling all the Keepers of the Keys, but dissuading them at the same time from opening certain door till that which has been lost is at length restored to the Sanctuaries.

“It is in this sense that we shall ever get to understand the Inner Mystery of the Holy Grail, the Mystery of the Craft Degree and of the great, disordered cohort of things from near and far ~ reflections, rumours, replicas and suppositious descents from older Mysteries ~ which make up the cloud of witnesses in the High Degrees …

“I conclude, that it is an index-finger pointing to other Rites, to greater and exalted Ceremonies, which ~ somewhat shadowy, somewhat dubious, yet distinguishable as to their purpose ~ remain among the records of the past, not without suggestions that, even at this day, the Mysteries have not died utterly.”

For one book he is lamenting
Which he loves more than gold and precious stones
The fair Grail of this country
A book of the famed Knights
A book of Mystery of all the Round Table

Almost daily, here in Avalon, Dechen and I talk to the spirits of the Land and listen to their guidance. Daily we pray for the return of wisdom to bring about the Promised Land, the Holy Grail, the Ever-Brimming Cauldron, the Cornucopia of Plenty and the Land of Milk and Honey.

Without wishing to be a Cassandra, it has to be owned that if we don’t get this soon, we are doomed. The shamans of the Mayans, and of every culture, must be allowed to do their work.

To reprise Peter Kingsley:

“Cultures are created and destroyed in ecstasy—and for every moment in between there is nothing that keeps a world alive aside from the breath of ecstatics.”

Here is the video…

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