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November 1, 2011


Wake Up! Look Up! Speak Up!

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir
Glastonbury chemtrails 14

One of the reasons why many of us find it difficult to accept that our militaries are spraying toxic chemicals ~ aka chemtrails ~ into the skies over our heads is because the very idea goes slap bang up against one of the stories we like to tell ourselves in order to make our lives more bearable.

Just to get out of bed in the dark every morning, to go to a job in which, no matter how hard and long we work, we will never be anywhere near as rich as the guy we’re working for, we comfort ourselves with stories. Otherwise, we couldn’t sleep at night. And one of those stories is that the governments which rule us only have our best interests at heart. Possibly, they do. But what is happening in our skies is not necessarily in the hands of governments.

Wake Up!

A City trader recently caused a huge row by stating on television that “Goldman Sachs now rule the world.” While that may have been a slight exaggeration ~ after all, don’t forget the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, J P Morgan Inc, George Soros and Mr Rupert Murdoch ~ what is true is that we are now ruled by a small global elite that puts its own interests before those of the masses.

Once we make the cognitive leap that we no longer live under the benign rule of a democracy or meritocracy, if we ever really did, then we can start to see what’s going on around us and take back the power, as they are doing at Occupy Wall St.

Look Up!

The other reason that we find it hard to accept that chemtrail spraying is really happening is because most of just don’t get the time to look up. And especially if we live in cities, and spend most of our days scuttling between high rise office blocks, Starbucks and the Tube, we rarely get to see much of the sky.

In addition, chemtrail activity has been going on for at least 10 years, and so what with the disinformation which deliberately tries to confuse and conflate chemtrails with contrails, it’s no wonder that we find it difficult to tell the difference.

There is a powerful disinformation push going on at the moment to try to convince us that chemtrails are only contrails.

So for that reason, and so you’ll know what chemtrails look like if, God forbid, they ever come to a sky near you, I’m publishing photographs here showing chemtrails over Glastonbury in Somerset, England, and its outlying villages, which have been taken between 2008 and October 2011. (see below).

Just to be clear: contrails are the normal trails left by passenger liners and, I have it on good authority, from an aeronautical engineer, that commercial airlines have worked very hard over the past decade or so to reduce the emissions in their exhausts to the point that now around 99 per cent consists just water vapour. That’s why contrails disappear very quickly ~ usually in a matter of minutes ~ whereas chemtrails merge into a dirty-white haze which hangs around most of the day, blocking the sun.

Here are some contrails.

Conversely, chemtrails are deliberately laid down by usually just one military plane continually criss-crossing the skies until they form a number of classic patterns. These patterns mostly include huge Xs, but sometimes there’s a sort of double-barred A which forms a grid. These emissions, unlike contrails, contain an oily base and can include any number of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals from, according to a Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails and HAARP

Aluminum oxide
Barium oxide
Bacteria such as anthrax and pneumonia
Nine chemicals, including acetylcholine chloride
Twenty six heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc
Four moulds and fungi
Seven viruses
Two cancers
Two vaccines
Two sedatives
E.coli salmonella

Speak Up!

It’s the simplest law of physics that what goes up, must come down … and yet the scientists behind chemtrail spraying were obviously all off sick from school during that day’s lesson. So it’s up to us more sensible and knowledgeable folk, who care about the futures of our children and their grandchildren, to speak up. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION HERE.

These are just a few photos of chemtrails over Glastonbury out of hundreds that have been taken.


I’ve been asked why our petition concentrates on Glastonbury in Somerset when the chemtrail problem is worldwide. I did that partly to give us all something specific to concentrate on, and also because what happens on the heart chakra of the world affects the whole planet. I describe the importance of stopping this desecration of a ‘sacred mountain’ in Reclaiming Our Blue Skies Over Glastonbury Tor.

Michael J Murphy, the co-producer of the hugely influential documentary What in the World Are They Spraying? is backing our campaign.

Please click here if you’d like to SIGN THIS PETITION

Please also share this article with whomever you think might like to support this initiative.

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to discuss with others of like mind, please do join us on Ishtar’s Gate forum. Just click on the Gate and come in!

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  1. Jul 10 2012

    It’s happening everywhere…all over the world! A way to control the masses….what was it 130,000 elderly euthination Party…..In the UK….TRYIN to kill us!!…..Bastards….fellowman in the US…ON THE EAST COAST in Maryland…and the chemtrails r everywhere….Reduce our lifespan!!..thats what they’re trying to achieve there D Johnson>>>>>>


  2. Ronnie Biccard
    Nov 2 2011

    Thank you for this Article Ish, this was THE most noticeable and disturbing thing for us when we arrived in England. I couldn’t believe it. Everyday the beautiful English skies are criss- crossed with poison- most people we have spoken to here in Cheltenham are oblivious to them…I have just returned back from Africa and the skies there are crystal clear there..for now!!!! We have to stand together and do something .. thank you for doing have my full support.. with love Ronnie


    • Derek Johnson
      Nov 3 2011

      When Richard told me about the chemtrails over Cheltenham, I found it hard to believe looking up at our beautiful African skies. This insane attack on our mother is HAS TO BE STOPPED.
      What are “they” trying to achieve?


  3. Enn
    Nov 2 2011

    Great article! However, to invoke any change at all we must start attending our public town hall meetings. Online petitions achieve little more than to grant us some false sense of having actively participated in the change process. E-petitions are not officially recognised forms of complaint. Ink pen is still the king of official complaint.

    Piles of letters on the desks of officals must be responded to – they are official records with real live ink-signed signatures. Politicians just love how we’ve all adopted email and epetition; they don’t have to do a damn thing in recognition of it or us because it’s not signed by individual signatures, in ink.

    Good luck! Having the same problems here in Australia.


    • Thanks for your input. We will be having a Town Hall meeting soon and there will also be an pen-and-ink petition which will be available locally. The e-petition’s purpose is to register protest worldwide as Glastonbury Tor is a sacred location visited by people from all over the world.


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