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Blood Moon: A Matter of Life and Death

There are times when I feel sorry for the dear Christians who, having been persuaded that their literature is literal history or prophecy, when it contains stories intended for metaphorical teachings about astronomical cycles, are continually in a paradoxical state of fearing for/hoping for the End of Days and the Second Coming. This bouncing around between the extremes of hope and fear, life or death, sets up a kind of stasis, and an inability to move or think creatively, which is the basis of all cognitive dissonance.

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Tor plane blog

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 2: An attack on the heart of Avalon

I’ve been building up to writing this for days, but holding back too, because I’m not sure if people are ready for it. Just now, I journeyed in the way of shamanic trance to ask the spirits of the Land, to get confirmation, and was told “Yes, it’s true. You’ve been joining up the dots correctly. This has been a deliberate destruction of the holy springs of Avalon, and it’s coming from the other lands.”

When I came back to this dimension, I sat down at my computer, still not quite sure whether to write about it. Then I received an email from the White Spring’s blog, telling me that the big double blue doors to the White Spring of Glastonbury, a sacred focal point for the whole spiritual community, had been smashed to smithereens during the storm on the night of the full moon, Friday 14th February. What a symbolic act!

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James Lovelock, Gaia and the Greens

In recent weeks, the rhetoric between the climate camps has ratcheted up considerably, like a barrage balloon about to take off in these strong gales. I think a fair amount of it is being artificially created, not least by George Soros who’s probably personally manning the bellows with his sleeves rolled up. Nevertheless, we have to deal with it.

One of the memes which has been thrown up and is eddying around currently is something along the lines of the Earth being Mother Earth, a living and breathing entity known as Gaia, and that all this “extreme weather” is Her punishing us for polluting Her – and lashing back at us, in some way.

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Not Waving But Drowning: UN Agenda 21 and the Designer Floods of Britain

You may be only just now waking up and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes to the news that the recent flooding of Britain is the result of EU policies to deliberately create wetlands in the UK ….. and that is shocking enough. For some, it’s been about as traumatic as when you discover that Father Christmas is actually your Dad. So then, to have to go on to learn that these EU directives are being driven by something deeply sinister, known as UN Agenda 21, may be more than you can take.  If so, please don’t worry. Go and have a lie down…. but bookmark this page first, so that you can return later, hopefully with a nice of mug of tea and a chocolate biscuit, because this is really growing up time now.

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Somerset floods large

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels Part 1 – UN Agenda 21

It’s no wonder that when Chris Smith, the head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels today, he was running scared. Apparently, he didn’t let anyone know exactly where he would arrive, and when.

He didn’t even tell the local MP. Read more »


The Talismanic Power of the Vesica Piscis

We’re looking for a new shield and Coat of Arms to represent Glastonbury – the old one having now outworn its purpose. Its focus on the Christian Church no longer reflects the beliefs of more than half the people of the town who, it turns out, practice more than 70 different faiths between them.

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trajectory breaking bad

How the shaman is Breaking Bad into better

You may have heard of the series Breaking Bad – the main plotline of which follows the trajectory to hell in a handcart that gets unleashed when a college chemistry teacher decides to get rich by making crystal meth. Fans of the series may object to me reducing it down thus, and they would be quite right, because it is about so much besides. But mainly, it’s about human nature… and it’s about what happens when one person sets a trajectory for their life, and then the inevitable ramifications of how this plays out. Once you throw the dice, all bets are off. Read more »

Wheel_of_the_Year for blog

Brigit-Ana’s Medicine Wheel of the Year

As we’re just about to go into 2014, I wanted to give everyone a gift… and I thought, what better, at this time, than a Wheel of the Year or, as some call it, a Medicine Wheel? Through this Wheel of Year, we can be more easily in tune with the spirits of Nature, no matter where we are. Read more »

608 The-Garden-of-Eden-with-the-Fall-of-Man

The Unbearable Yearning for Paradise Lost

Because of the bastardisation of mythology into history over the past 1500 years or so, any research on the internet about the origins of the story of the Garden of Eden quickly disintegrates into a wild goose chase for its original location, with any number of possible Mesopotamian locations being offered up.

And so via that cyber rabbit hole of infinite length and diversity of possibilities, we are quickly shepherded away from searching for the real meaning of the story of The Garden of Eden, or at least one that makes sense to mystics and mythologists. Read more »

f-schoenfeld Joshua's Battle

Did the Sun stand still for one 24-hour long day, in the time of Joshua?

There’s a story in the Bible about the Hebrew patriarch Joshua winning an important battle – because, as it says, God made the sun stand still for a whole 24-hour day. It’s known as Joshua’s Long Day. Catastrophe theorists – you know, those guys who’re always putting out You Tubes about this or that comet about to hit us, and it never does? – insist that Joshua’s Long Day was real and that it happened, literally, as described here in the Book of Joshua…. and that it could happen again. Read more »


9/11 as Crowley Black Mass Mega-Ritual

The flood of information and disinformation around the events of September 11th 2001 has caused such a pea-souper of a brain fog that it’s been impossible for the ordinary person to come to any definitive view about the cause or the identity of the perpetrators of the heinous events of that day with any great certainty. Read more »

alchemical marriage blog

The Alchemical Marriage and the Philosopher’s Stone

A couple of people have asked about my new avatar, so I’m going to try to explain. As I’ve said so often before, the spirits develop meta-languages individually with the shaman. In other words, what the spirits mean by a certain metaphor when talking to me could be completely different for someone else. So how do my spirits communicate with me?

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time and space vortex2

Shamanic Power: How to get it, how to keep it clean

I remember when my shamanic practitioner training group first sat down to what turned out to be a three day session on how to generate and manage shamanic power. Simon, our teacher announced that this is what we were going to be doing, and some of us were quite shocked, including yours truly who instantly put up her hand: “But I haven’t come here to get power,” I complained. “I’m not interested in having power. I’m just interested in helping people.” And Simon just replied,” And how are you going to help people without the power to do so?”. Read more »


David Cameron’s Inquisition against esoterica marks the beginning of fascist tyranny

You won’t hear this on the State run media, unless you count the Huffington Post as such, but David Cameron’s much vaunted initiative to institute automatic opt-in controls for child porn is actually really about suppressing freedom of speech and censorship of esoteric thought, such as is found on Ishtar’s Gate. Read more »

surreal dreaming

Alchemical Dreaming

I had such a vivid alchemical dream the other day that it got me thinking about how much metaphor we miss in our dreams (and our lives) through the hiding of the importance of alchemy. Read more »


Has the Church of England finally lost the plot?

From the You Couldn’t Make It Up Department…. this is absolutely hilarious! According to the Telegraph, the Anglican Church is short of numbers and so it wants to adopt pagans! Read more »


The Dark Moon Goddess and the Enchantment of Bilderberg

This time last year, I wrote about Chris Street’s work in exposing the huge animal giant earthworks that surround London, the Lion and the Unicorn. I concentrated on the solar Lion because the land which he stands guardian over was where the Olympics were about to take place, and the river named after him runs into the Olympic Park. (For more on that, see The Enchantment of the Olympics).

Now that Bilderberg is well upon us, I want to concentrate on the Unicorn, because this is the other side of the enchantment; the yin to the yang. As we now go into the three days of the dark moon, it appears that the influence of the moon goddess is being petitioned and employed to protect the site of the Bilderberg conference. Read more »


A History of Western Religion in Ice Cream

One day, deep and way back in the mists of time, there was a small settlement on that coastal part of the Mediterranean that we call Africa, and in that settlement lived some gentle and wise cattle farmers who spent their days tending their cows.

One of the cattle farmers, however, had a more, shall we say, entrepreneurial spirit, and so he eventually came to the realisation that he wanted to have a wider market for his milk than just a handful of his fellow villagers, and so after long experimentation with milk, honey and vanilla pods, he managed to invent the most delicious ice cream. As you can imagine, his vanilla ice cream was extremely popular in such a hot, dry, arid settlement, and he made lots of money.  Read more »