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The Glastonbury Declaration

This is the final version of The Glastonbury Declaration, which I was guided to write from my work with the spirits of the Land.  We will be reading it out at sunrise on this Winter Solstice. Please do share it as widely as possible,  as I hope it will inspire others to do the same or similar. Sovereignty comes, as a transmission to man, from the spirits of the Land. Shamans worldwide can use this as blueprint after contacting the spirits of their own Land.

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The Mysteries of Britain, the Matter of Sovereignty and The Glastonbury Declaration

The term claiming one’s Sovereignty has become quite fashionable in recent years, since it was taken up by the Freeman on the Land people. In the mouths of such political activists, it has become a sort of buzz term, a comfort blanket or flag for them all to nestle under in the hope that this magic word will make the bogeyman go away. But whether or not it will stop the worst excesses of the New World Order is yet to be shown. I’m doubtful, because I believe that the concept of Sovereignty has been misunderstood.

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The Birth of the Radiant Child on the Winter Solstice

I’d like to invite you to a very special ceremony we’re having here in Glastonbury, Somerset, on Sunday 21st December, the Winter Solstice. But first of all, I will need to explain to you what it’s all about, and the shamanic work of which it is the fruit.

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Revelations, the New Jerusalem and Glastonbury

We’ve been having a bit of discussion about whether Glastonbury is meant to be the location for the New Jerusalem. Most of those who think it should be might benefit from reading this article and gaining another perpective on the issue.

So let’s start from the beginning ….

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Autobiography of a female yogi

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

“Those who savour Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi will relish Ishtar’s Lord of the Dance.”

I was immensely chuffed when Maurice LeCroy wrote the above in an Amazon review. I still think he was being kind! However, that his heart responded in a similar way to someone reading Autobiography for the first time, as I did in my twenties, is a wonder to me!

Ironically, if it hadn’t been for Paramahansa’s book, I almost certainly wouldn’t have been in India in the late Nineties on the search for True Love and would never have gotten to write a book about it.

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Recent Articles

Lion cropped

The Stargate of the Whore of Babylon

This is Chapter 7, from my new book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar: Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic. It’s the part in which I explain where stories about Babylon and the goddess Ishtar fit into the culture of sex magic that, as I show elsewhere in the book, was practised across the whole of the civilised world during Neolithic times. Read more »

William Bouguereau La Jeunesse de Bacchus 1884 blog

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar – out now on Amazon

I’m so pleased to announce that we’re launching my new book today, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar: Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic. I thought you might like this article on what the book’s about and some links to where it’s on sale. Read more »

Love at Last for Facebook Cover 2

The importance of practising ancient Egyptian sex magic today

Why Sex Now?

People have been asking why, why now – in these dangerous and seemingly chaotic times, am I writing about shamanic sex magic? I will answer that. It’s no dalliance or distraction. I believe it’s key to our survival as a human species. Read more »


The Truth About The Dark Side Of Glastonbury

The Somerset town of Glastonbury has, quite rightly, a very high reputation the world over for being a thriving and vibrant spiritual centre, where many conferences, workshops and ceremonies take place to honour and celebrate the spirit of humanity and its fundamental unity of purpose which is beyond religious or dogmatic faiths. Read more »

Psyche's Dream by Josephine Wall blog

How Grace You Fair The Summerlands

How grace You fair the Summerlands,
When the Wheel revolves to Your command.
With tumbling tendrils of Your blooming hair,
Your perfumed breath woven into June’s air,
And soft, downy roses of Your cheeks pink,
Under apples honeying for ambered drink,
The moss-sweet meadows bubbling with springs,
Young cranes soar overhead with Your wings.

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Glasto 3 blog

The Glastonbury Chronicle – Episode 3

I’m very pleased to let everyone know about the latest Glastonbury Chronicle – #3 – which we published last night. This one is mainly about the Bardic tradition, and its revival in Glastonbury as I recount my experience of the recent Gorsedh Ynys Witrin competition to find this year’s Chaired Bard.
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Taliesin blog

The Power of the Bard

As some followers here may have noticed. I’ve recently decided to concentrate more on writing poetry than long essays, but not because I want to hide in some irrelevant and anachronostic past-time …..far from it. It’s because I‘ve been coming to realise that what’s known as the ‘power of the bard’ is one of the true swords of the shaman or those in touch with the spirits.  Read more »

Somerset levels sunset

The Waters of Avalon

Long were they known to Children of Don,
Still, the waters that run deep.
Pulses the heart blood of Avalon,
Rocks the Beauty who still sleeps.
Fand, her eye weeps,
Drops drip, springs seep,
In dark Underworld kingdoms,
Fluting silvery waters, oh so sweet,
Which carries the salmon to Mabon. Read more »

Ayahuasca visions blog

The Glastonbury Chronicle – Episode 2

We’ve just published our second instalment of The Glastonbury Chronicle on You Tube: Vincent Andersen and myself in conversation about various ways of contacting the spirit dimensions for spiritual healing, wisdom and guidance, including the cosmology of the other dimensions, Amazonian shamanism, ayahuasca and other psychotropic herbs, sweat lodges, power animals and spirit guides.

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Lyme Regis blog2

Rhyme Without Reason

Great Earthen sprites under diamond skies
Of Beltane constellations,
Rocked me to sleep with a lullaby,
Moon midwives of star nations.
In magic flight,
Hush hush, good night,
To lilac plantations,
Where sun keepers gather to baptise
With kisses from carnations.  Read more »


The Dance of the Hours, in Lemniscate

Deep in the darkest unfathomed depths,
She croons a lullaby under the waves.
As she spins the most elegant, beauteous,
Crystal ornaments, in song symmetry,
And hangs them on chandeliers along the staves. Read more »

Pleiades 2

All hail to the ladies of the Pleiades!

Greetings now, sparkling jewelled perfection!

Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia,

Taygeta, Celaeno and Alycone.

We give thanks for the rising of the Pleiades! Read more »

Stunning Photo Manipulation Art Work By Norvz Austria

Exploding Dreams

Sleep can bring dreams which explode without warning,
So you long for the alarm clock to hold back the morning,
Just a few more winks under Elysium’s elms,
In the Brigit-bright night of other realms,
With purple-hued mountains, high overflying
On a long-necked, long-legged crane, of Love undying. Read more »


Realising Rhiannon

Flew she from her father’s palace, Rhiannon;

Left the Land of the Fae for the love of a man.

Circling birds o’er her head like a Beltane crown,

Fair Queen of the May. Read more »