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Staying in touch

Greetings blog followers, one and all.

This isn’t really an article, but it’s probably the simplest way to let you know that I’m building a proper email client mailing list of people who want to be notified whenever I have a new book out, as there will be quite a few more coming up in the next year or so, both paperbacks and e-books.

The Therapy Book, the publisher, will be offering reduced priced, advance, pre-launch copies to subscribers on the mailing list. So far, there are around 490 willing subscribers, so if you’d like to join them, please fill in the form at the end, so that I have your email address, and I’ll add you.

(If you’re a former member of Ishtar’s Gate, you will have heard from me separately, and so won’t need to take any further action).

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Love at Last for Facebook Cover 2

Why Sex Now?

People have been asking why, why now – in such dangerous and seemingly chaotic times that we’re living in, why am I writing about shamanic sex magic? I will answer that. It’s no dalliance or distraction. I believe it’s key to our survival as a human species.

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The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

I had a very enlightening evening last night. I learned all about the Treaty of Nice (now called the Lisbon Treaty). In November, we will see the Queen sign away, in this treaty, the very last of our rights as a sovereign country and bring us into full EU federalism.

Ted Heath was blackmailed in the 1970s into bringing us into Europe in the first place, through his paedophilia activities on his yacht. In the same way, many of our MPs have been deliberately corrupted with this sort of classic ‘honeytrap’, and then their activities revealed in a kind of slowly rolling out disclosure, as we have seen in recent weeks, in order to help destroy our faith in our Parliament and monarchy governing us as a nation state, so that we will more readily accept the collapse of sovereignty and become part of the EU.

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Psyche's Dream by Josephine Wall blog

How Grace You Fair The Summerlands

How grace You fair the Summerlands,
When the Wheel revolves to Your command.
With tumbling tendrils of Your blooming hair,
Your perfumed breath woven into June’s air,
And soft, downy roses of Your cheeks pink,
Under apples honeying for ambered drink,
The moss-sweet meadows bubbling with springs,
Young cranes soar overhead with Your wings.

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Recent Articles


The Truth About The Dark Side Of Glastonbury

The Somerset town of Glastonbury has, quite rightly, a very high reputation the world over for being a thriving and vibrant spiritual centre, where many conferences, workshops and ceremonies take place to honour and celebrate the spirit of humanity and its fundamental unity of purpose which is beyond religious or dogmatic faiths.

Its famous natural world pyramid, the towering green Tor, has stood sentinel for millennia to these visions and values that we’ve inherited from the indigenous tribes of old, and which were observed by our early ancestors long before the incursion of the arid and blood thirsty Abrahamic religions, under the Eagle banner, into these green and pleasant lands. Read more »

Glasto 3 blog

The Glastonbury Chronicle – Episode 3

I’m very pleased to let everyone know about the latest Glastonbury Chronicle – #3 – which we published last night. This one is mainly about the Bardic tradition, and its revival in Glastonbury as I recount my experience of the recent Gorsedh Ynys Witrin competition to find this year’s Chaired Bard. It was such an amazing experience that I was mostly speechless, but by the next day, I had managed to string a few words together about it! We also talk about how to find your destiny, and the real meaning of the power of intention – in other words, not what The Secret tells us! Read more »

Taliesin blog

The Power of the Bard

As some followers here may have noticed. I’ve recently decided to concentrate more on writing poetry than long essays, but not because I want to hide in some irrelevant and anachronostic past-time …..far from it. It’s because I‘ve been coming to realise that what’s known as the ‘power of the bard’ is one of the true swords of the shaman or those in touch with the spirits.  Read more »

Somerset levels sunset

The Waters of Avalon

Long were they known to Children of Don,
Still, the waters that run deep.
Pulses the heart blood of Avalon,
Rocks the Beauty who still sleeps.
Fand, her eye weeps,
Drops drip, springs seep,
In dark Underworld kingdoms,
Fluting silvery waters, oh so sweet,
Which carries the salmon to Mabon. Read more »

Ayahuasca visions blog

The Glastonbury Chronicle – Episode 2

We’ve just published our second instalment of The Glastonbury Chronicle on You Tube: Vincent Andersen and myself in conversation about various ways of contacting the spirit dimensions for spiritual healing, wisdom and guidance, including the cosmology of the other dimensions, Amazonian shamanism, ayahuasca and other psychotropic herbs, sweat lodges, power animals and spirit guides.

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Lyme Regis blog2

Rhyme Without Reason

Great Earthen sprites under diamond skies
Of Beltane constellations,
Rocked me to sleep with a lullaby,
Moon midwives of star nations.
In magic flight,
Hush hush, good night,
To lilac plantations,
Where sun keepers gather to baptise
With kisses from carnations.  Read more »


The Dance of the Hours, in Lemniscate

Deep in the darkest unfathomed depths,
She croons a lullaby under the waves.
As she spins the most elegant, beauteous,
Crystal ornaments, in song symmetry,
And hangs them on chandeliers along the staves. Read more »

Pleiades 2

All hail to the ladies of the Pleiades!

Greetings now, sparkling jewelled perfection!

Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia,

Taygeta, Celaeno and Alycone.

We give thanks for the rising of the Pleiades! Read more »

Stunning Photo Manipulation Art Work By Norvz Austria

Exploding Dreams

Sleep can bring dreams which explode without warning,
So you long for the alarm clock to hold back the morning,
Just a few more winks under Elysium’s elms,
In the Brigit-bright night of other realms,
With purple-hued mountains, high overflying
On a long-necked, long-legged crane, of Love undying. Read more »


Realising Rhiannon

Flew she from her father’s palace, Rhiannon;

Left the Land of the Fae for the love of a man.

Circling birds o’er her head like a Beltane crown,

Fair Queen of the May. Read more »

Glastonbury Tor under the stars blog

The Glastonbury Chronicle – Episode 1

We’re very pleased to publish here the first episode of a series of broadcast conversations between myself and Vincent Andersen called The Glastonbury Chronicle.  This first one is about self-empowerment through various indigenous spiritual traditions, shamanism and other techniques. We hope you enjoy it! Read more »


Blood Moon: A Matter of Life and Death

There are times when I feel sorry for the dear Christians who, having been persuaded that their literature is literal history or prophecy, when it contains stories intended for metaphorical teachings about astronomical cycles, are continually in a paradoxical state of fearing for/hoping for the End of Days and the Second Coming. This bouncing around between the extremes of hope and fear, life or death, sets up a kind of stasis, and an inability to move or think creatively, which is the basis of all cognitive dissonance. Read more »

Tor plane blog

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 2: An attack on the heart of Avalon

I’ve been building up to writing this for days, but holding back too, because I’m not sure if people are ready for it. Just now, I journeyed in the way of shamanic trance to ask the spirits of the Land, to get confirmation, and was told “Yes, it’s true. You’ve been joining up the dots correctly. This has been a deliberate destruction of the holy springs of Avalon, and it’s coming from the other lands.”

When I came back to this dimension, I sat down at my computer, still not quite sure whether to write about it. Then I received an email from the White Spring’s blog, telling me that the big double blue doors to the White Spring of Glastonbury, a sacred focal point for the whole spiritual community, had been smashed to smithereens during the storm on the night of the full moon, Friday 14th February. What a symbolic act!

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breathe of gaia blog

James Lovelock, Gaia and the Greens

In recent weeks, the rhetoric between the climate camps has ratcheted up considerably, like a barrage balloon about to take off in these strong gales. I think a fair amount of it is being artificially created, not least by George Soros who’s probably personally manning the bellows with his sleeves rolled up. Nevertheless, we have to deal with it.

One of the memes which has been thrown up and is eddying around currently is something along the lines of the Earth being Mother Earth, a living and breathing entity known as Gaia, and that all this “extreme weather” is Her punishing us for polluting Her – and lashing back at us, in some way. Read more »